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About Us


In an emotionally and physically distant world, Gleenr is a bridge that connects humans by showing us what may be going on behind the words we hear. It's sophistacated emotional mapping software shows us non-verbal cues that can be easily missed in online comminication. It can give clarity and peace of mind by distilling another bit of information we can use to draw our own conclusions about a person or situation.


Gleenr wants to help you make good decisions. Everyone, at one time or another, needs a little help sorting through a situation. Gleenr is like a trusted friend that gives good advice. It takes your situation and gives you extra insight based on logic an scientific analysis. Gleenr can give you peace of mind that whatever decision you need to make you have somewhere to go for help.


Gleenr is commited to your privacy and safety. We don't archive or use the uploaded videos after your results are posted. We understand not all situations are simple and we urge you to always use our product in a safe space.

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We hang-out online so much it doesn’t phase us, but there are things we can miss when we’re not in person. Gleenr captures the emotions behind the words you hear. It literally gleens—in real time—cues you miss online. Like a trusted friend, Gleenr can give you more intel on a person or situation. The extra insight can give you confidence and peace of mind to help you prep for what’s next.