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How it works


Gleenr is a sophisticated emotional mapping software that can give you insight about a particular person or situation by gleening non-verbal cues from a video. When you upload a video to Gleenr we measure the facial micro-movements and physical attributes that are displayed. These measurements give us clues, as to how the person was feeling about what they're saying. The results of our measurements, “the gleen,” can give you some additional insight so you can move forward in this situation with a little more knowledge.

We’re not the only resource for you to validate if someone's being sincere but we can give you a little help. This is especially important in situations where you're not meeting in person and can’t get a good gut reaction for yourself. It can also be helpful if you’re feeling as if something just isn’t quite right but can’t quite put your finger on it. The added information Gleenr can provide can give just enough distance and objectivity to move forward in a way that is safe and beneficial for you.


Gleenr software tracks eye movements and facial muscles using scanning technology tracking 4 layers deep. The scanned information is applied to an algorithm to determine overall sincerity, with moment-to-moment measurements of satisfaction, anger, disgust, stress, excitement, and even neutral ambivalent emotions.

Gleenr also tracks physical attributes and changes in heartbeat, breathing, and blood pressure. These physiological factors have long been associated with emotional responses and can be a good indicator if something is simmering beneath the surface. Having a roadmap of these responses can give you a heads up if things may be not what they seem.


Gleenr isn’t facial recognition software and we don’t retain any biometric data that can be used to identify people. We can’t tell you who the people are in a video, we can only interpret how they may be feeling based on non-verbal cues.

We also don’t share your video gleens with any third parties. The videos uploaded and analyzed are done so privately and confidentially. This information is for you, we are committed to your privacy and value discretion in any situation.


When you sign up for Gleenr you get a helping hand. Just like a friend you can trust to give good advice, Gleenr can help you navigate this tricky technology filled life. Your membership will give clarity at your fingertips. You can log in, easily upload a video from your phone or computer and start gleening. Gleenr provides you with results in seconds. You’ll not only get a summary that spells it all out for you, there’s also a playback to see the moment-to-moment gleen measurements.

We want you to make good informed decisions and provide a service beneficial to your health, safety, and well being. Being aware is being in power. Go get gleening!

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How it works

Gleenr spills the tea, so you can decide what’s next.

We hang-out online so much it doesn’t phase us, but there are things we can miss when we’re not in person. Gleenr captures the emotions behind the words you hear. It literally gleens—in real time—cues you miss online. Like a trusted friend, Gleenr can give you more intel on a person or situation. The extra insight can give you confidence and peace of mind to help you prep for what’s next.