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How Emotional Interpretation Software Enhances Communication

Do you often feel like something is missing in an online meeting? They say it has a lot to do with the lack of eye contact, as people are looking at their screens and not at their cameras. This makes it feel a little unreal every time.

But it's more than that. Online communications don't allow for the interpretation of body language in a way that is possible when you are sitting face-to-face with someone. Literally, things are lost in translation.

This is where emotional interpretation software steps in, offering a realistic way to understand and interpret emotions and vital statistics in videos. Such an analysis can enhance communication in multiple ways. Read below for more insights.

Reading the Facial Changes

Emotional interpretation software operates by detecting micro changes in non-verbal cues like eye movement and facial expressions, along with vital signs like heartbeat, breath, and blood pressure. These are then reported on-screen moment by moment as measurements of emotions like anger, excitement, disgust, happiness, or even ambivalence.

Interpretation for Better Communication

So, how do these measurements allow for better communication? It is all about comparing what the person is saying to what their body tells you. The words out of their mouth could sound sincere and heartfelt, but their scores show that they are nervous and dissatisfied. You now have the opportunity to evaluate and compare the spoken word with the underlying emotion.

If these match, then the chances are the person is being true to how they sound. If not, this can raise red flags, and you should proceed with caution. Know that the communication lacks honesty in some way.

You can now adjust the conversation to better suit the situation, just as you would in face-to-face communication.

Building Better Online Communication Skills

Understanding the other person's emotions on a deeper level allows us to communicate more effectively. This provides the opportunity to build stronger relationships, not just with colleagues but also with family and friends. Using the decoder for human emotions will help to bridge communication gaps and develop stronger connections.

Do you want to see how emotional interpretation software can take your online communications to the next level? Gleenr offers a free basic plan that allows you to explore the power of this interactive technology.

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